Imaginative concepts and competent engineering are the basis for our designs

Inventure Engineering and Machinery Inc. is a custom engineering design and manufacturing facility authorized by the Professional Engineering Society of Ontario. We are committed to the advancement of technology and effectiveness of manufacturing production and support machinery. Download a copy of our company profile

Customer Success

Ingenuity extends throughout our design and manufacturing process. Without hesitation, we can say we specialize in custom designs. How do we achieve customer success? By focusing on fundamental business principles:

  • determining the need
  • assembling a top-notch team
  • building the best product to suit the application


Inventure Engineering was founded in 2000 to serve the Fiber Optic and Power Cable industries. Specializing in large rotating machinery, our expertise transferred directly to the Oil and Gas sector which relies on large diameter high pressure flexible pipe. Inventure Engineering has unique expertise in the manufacture of this type of pipe for both surface and sub-sea applications.

The automotive sector still drives the economic engine of Ontario, and Inventure Engineering is a direct supplier to the automotive giants. We currently have material handling components in widespread circulation in this industry. We continue to build quality products and make tight deadlines.


Inventure Engineering is located in the city of Barrie, in the industrial heart of Ontario, Canada, an hour north of Toronto. We are connected to all major shipping routes and transportation methods including trucking, air, rail, and ocean freight.

Our major subcontract suppliers provide the latest in quality and cost efficient manufacturing technologies and are all on a 50 kilometer hub to our location.

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