Industry Experts

We’re experts in a variety of large industries!


Inventure Engineering specializes in material handling systems for the automotive industry. Over the course of several years, we have generated innovative new designs for palletizing automotive components. These units are made largely of high-density polyethylene, reinforced with aluminum in critical areas. Our flexible manufacturing techniques allow us to mass produce very large plastic parts without expensive tooling. This capability allows us to shorten our lead times considerably.

Modern automotive plants generally run more than one vehicle style, therefore our pallets need to support a variety of configurations and/or similar parts. Our equipment interfaces with automated equipment and robots, often in several locations. Our pallets are tagged with Radio Frequency ID in order that they may be used in large storage and retrieval systems, and they and the products that they support can be tracked by the suppliers and end user.

Our customers demand cost-effective and timely solutions and Inventure Engineering is up to the task. We work with OEM’s and the end user in order to ensure that the components arrive at the assembly plant in perfect condition ready to go into the vehicle.


Oil & Gas

Inventure Engineering was founded in 2000 to serve the Fiber Optic and Power Cable industries. Specializing in large rotating machinery, our expertise transferred directly to the Oil and Gas sector which relies on a large diameter high-pressure flexible pipe. Inventure Engineering has unique expertise in the manufacture of this type of pipe for both surface and sub-sea applications.


Energy Sector

Today’s energy sector relies on critical electrical components in demanding applications. We work with our customers to bring new high-tech components to the international marketplace. Our background in wire and cable combined with our expertise in automation puts us in a unique position to design and build new production equipment for this industry.